Winter Party Visitors

The Woodland Hills Winter Parties will be held on Friday, December 21 from 2:30 pm – 3:15 pm.

Attending the Winter Party: If you are planning to attend the Winter Party, we ask that you complete the Winter Party Sign-Up by Wednesday, December 19.

Visitor badges will be printed in advance for parents who have completed the Winter Party Sign-Up and have had their IDs scanned into the system.

As a reminder, our district utilizes a system that requires all visitors to have their photo ID scanned and wear a visitor badge while in the building. It is required, and with many people attending that day, there could be a long wait. You will not be allowed to enter until you have been scanned into the system. If you forget a photo ID, you will not be allowed to enter.

**Please remember that these procedures have been put in place to help keep our students safe.**

Ways to speed up checking in on Friday, December 21:

If you have been in the building as a visitor since the beginning of this school year, you should already be in the system. Just complete the Winter Party Sign-Up in advance, and we will have your badge ready for you.
Stop by Woodland Hills between 8:00 am – 4:00 pm prior to Friday, December 21, and we can enter you in the system. Tell us if you are planning to attend the Winter Party, and we can have your badge ready for you.
Come early on Friday and make sure you have your photo ID with you.

A few other important notes:

We anticipate that there will be a lot of people in the building on Friday afternoon. With events like this, you can expect that the parking lot will be full. To help reduce the crowd and traffic, please consider visiting at another time of year if you are not volunteering at the parties.

Please do not park along the curb in the parent drop-off/pick-up lane (west side) or the bus lane (north side). These lanes are considered fire lanes, and it is important that we ensure the safety of our students by keeping these lanes clear. There is also no parking on Stagecoach Drive or South 95th Street on either side. If you do park in one of these lanes or these streets, you may be ticketed.

The main office doors are the only doors available to enter the building. All visitors must first check in and wear a visitor badge while in the building. Parents who are volunteering will be asked to sign in, wear a visitor badge, and wait in the entryway until 2:15 pm. Volunteers will be allowed to go to classrooms for party set-up at 2:15 pm. We discourage younger siblings from attending classroom parties with parents.

If you volunteered to provide treats or food items for an activity, please adhere to the Waukee CSD’s Allergy Policy to ensure that all students are kept safe. Please consider purchasing treats through the Waukee Nutrition Department.
Winter cookies are available for delivery to your child’s classroom for the Winter Party. These special cookies are a 2-ounce sugar cookie, topped with three colors of crystal sanding sugars. They are only available for delivery on December 21.  Cost is $9 per dozen and order deadline is December 17.

Thank you for your cooperation!